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The Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

No Spoilers :) 

Among the many books I received for Christmas were the two latest Gallagher Girl books, Only the Good Spy Young, and Out of Sight, Out of Time both of which had me captivated to the fullest. Don’t let the first book fool you, these are adventures through and through, adventures where you are not always sure which characters are going to make it out alive. With every book there are new characters, new twists, and everything, I mean everything is important. Even the first book, that doesn’t seem like it fits at all with the others with is immensely important in the scheme of things. If not for the information it conveys about the personalities of the characters then for the all important single line that goes unnoticed by most but becomes a driving factor for the plot in later books (a fact not discovered until the fifth book, Out of Sight, Out of Time). Ally Carter deserves her spot as a New York Times bestseller. I read both books in two days, once each day, and was both fully captivated and fully immersed within the world of spies and espionage for a couple days after that. Carter’s main characters are all female with the exception of the rogue Co-ops teacher, Joe Solomon and the mysterious boy, Zach both of whose trust-worthiness is in doubt at least once throughout the series. I think this speaks wonderfully for girl-empowerment, a theme that seems to be more important then ever in todays culture. I am eternally grateful for my best friend for giving me the first book for my birthday all those years ago and I cannot wait for the sixth book to discover how the newest intel is utilized in taking down the main enemy (who shall not be named because it is a secret worth discovering on your own) and whether or not they will save the target in question (which, is also a secret if you have not read the books). 

4.5 stars 

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